Henri Moret
1856 - 1918

Fascinated by the sea, Moret used deep colors and vigorous brushstrokes to capture its violence and power, matched against the unyielding force of granite outcrops. Combining the aesthetics of Japanese inspired simplicity with Impressionist technique, Moret created a magical blend of simple composition and captivating color. Norman of origin, Henry Moret becomes Lorientais of adoption. From the wearing of Lorient, it radiates each year along the coast with Larmor, Pouldu, Doelan, then further in Quimper, Douarnenez and the peninsula of Crozon. It are delayed in the islands: Groix, Beautiful-Island, Houat, Ushant. During a stay with Bridge-Swallow-hole, in 1888, it becomes acquainted with Gauguin, Bernard, Chamaillard, Jourdan and Laval and is integrated into the small group. If at the beginning its art were tributary of Corot, Courbet and of the School of Barbizon, starting from its meeting with Gauguin, Moret is influenced by the synthetism.

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